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About Us

Adress: 227 Truong Vinh Ky Street, Tan Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City
Tax code: 0312 395 593

              Factory: 192 ĐT744 Sreet, Phu An Commune, Ben Cat Town, Binh Duong Province

Hotline: 0919 35 3366.

 Tan Thanh Wood Is a unit with many years of experience in sawing and drying rubber wood
- Specializing in supplying rubber wood billets sliced ​​and dried with specifications:
- The quality of AB rubber wood embryos with moisture from 8 to 12% meets export standards

Thickness 21 mm, width from  45-55-65-75 mm, length 450-600-750-900-1,000 mm
Thickness 23 mm, width from 55-65-75 mm, length         600-750-900-1,000 mm
Thickness 26 mm, width from 55-65-75 mm, length         600-750-900-1,000 mm
Thickness 33 mm, width from 55-65-75 mm, length 600-750-900-1,000 mm
Thickness 38 mm, width from       55-65-75 mm, length         600-750-900-1,000 mm

Square 45 mm, length 450-600-750-900-1,000 mm
Square 50 mm, length        600-750-900-1,000 mm
Square 55 mm, length 600-750-900-1,000 mm
Square 65 mm, length        600-750-900-1,000 mm
Square 75 mm, length 600-750-900-1,000 mm

-Receive orders for sawing and drying according to customer specifications

The sawmill, round timber, professional, large-scale, "impregnated, "dry" with new technology, meets the standards of export wood.
There are certification certified wood origin FSC-COC and BSCI certification.
Cargo capacity:  600 m3 wooden /month.
Delivery to the provinces of Binh Duong, Dong Nai,  Long An,  HCMC.


Operation motto:


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